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Volvo Viral Video

A great viral video from Volvo, as it reflects all of the key product messages seamlessly tied in to an awe inspiring video. The stunt, music, and background contributed to the perfection of this “show, not tell” message, achieving views, exposure and engagement.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Rise of Sexting

Rihanna Sext to Chris Brown

According to a study from Pew Research Centre, we can see teen electronic device use is growing:

  • 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47%) of them own Smartphone's. That's up 23% from 2011.
  • 23% of teens have a tablet computer
  • 95% of teens use the internet.
  • 93% of teens have a computer or have access to one at home

Today the information superhighway is vastly changing. The internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate with each other, and teens are some of the first to experiment with modern technology. With a computer, camcorder, all-encompassing entertainment system, TV, camera, and phone all wrapped into one little package called a Smartphone, teens have accessibility to friends and worldly happenings 24/7. While these times can be exciting and exhilarating to adolescents, they can also be dangerous... especially to those who get involved with sexting.

Sex texting, known as "sexting" for short, is basically sending, receiving, or forwarding sexual photos or sexually suggestive messages through text message or email. If a teen owns an electronic device (Tablet, Phablet, Smartphone and yes, even a gaming device) that can take a picture and connect to the internet then they can sext. It's that easy... Plus, it only takes seconds for one picture to make its way to the recipient and surface the internet. One thing that I've heard people say about posting on the internet is to not put anything out there “if you wouldn’t want your grandmother seeing or reading it.” I think that's a pretty good rule of thumb to follow; especially in this day and age where digital citizenship is as important as our real world one. Online reputations are becoming synonymous to our everyday one; and one thing’s for certain: sexting can tarnish a good reputation…

One of the primary problems associated with sexting is that material can be very easily and widely circulated, over which the creator has no control. There was some research by the Internet Watch Foundation that estimated that 88% of self-made explicit images are "stolen" from their original upload location, like social networking sites, and are available on other websites, such as porn sites. It is known as sextortion when your FB or Social Networking sites or email accounts and pics are stolen. That’s scary, especially for those who only thought that photo was being shared with a romantic partner. Consider this: McAfee, the anti-software company, did its own study and found that 60% of sexts get leaked. Scary!

If you are a responsible adult, sexting can be a bit of harmless fun, however I believe a lot of younger users are a bit negligent and thoughtless to the risks, and don’t think about the consequences by future proofing their dignity and privacy.

For sexting to be harmless, I think there has to be a good level of trust between the sender and recipient. In that the recipients will respect the privacy of the sender and the content shared. Additionally, this form of communication can be embellished, edited and remain divorced from implied intent. Often sexting is about heightened fantasies with subversive contexts; how that translates in to real life can be very different, and for younger users they could often get themselves in to dangerous situations by sending out an impression of themselves that may be taken literally by recipients.

Not wanting to sound like a ranting woman, but I feel like role models that inspire and construct youth culture celebrate a certain type of sex, whereby woman are subservient to men, and men are bad asses and think women are there to please them. This must put a lot of pressure on young men and woman to act a certain way. I think it’s this sort of mainstream thinking that is worrying, and the consequences of sexting is an off-shoot of that, and the real issue is the portrayal of gender roles in society. Until we start seeing multidimensional woman and men being celebrated in youth culture, then this sort of behavior is going to become more and more prevalent.

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Top 10 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence would be the best Girlfriend Ever

Jennifer Lawrence soon became a bit of a hero of mine after watching The Hunger Games... several times. 

I mean I had read the books and they were so enthralling I couldn't put them down. Well done Suzanne Collins.

Anyway... I asked my friends to see whether or not thinking Katniss Everdeen was fit, was a bit wrong (due to the whole age thing). But most of my friends heartily agreed; she was attractive, and played the role superbly, adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the character which was not seen in the book. And now she is 22 years old ~ so everything is fine and none creepy.

After seeing this video from The Telegraph after her fall at the Oscars; Jennifer Lawrence became my number 2 favourite actress, because, as well as being incredibly attractive she also actually has a sense of humour. Maybe she's been hanging out with Seth McFarlane or something...

Top 10 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence would be the best Girlfriend ever.

1) She has a gravelly sexy voice - so even when she was whining about something (as women eventually always do) she'll sound pretty good doing it

2) She is quick witted and takes things in her stride - so when you accidentally insult her, or she falls over. She can just style it out and not cause a BIG scene, and probably throw a good few insults / witty repartee's back at you

3) She looks good wearing most things. Fact. She probably looks good wearing your clothes... (obviously because you have great taste in clothing...)

4) She has actual curves so you have something to hold on to

5) She could probably kick the shit out of someone - you wouldn't have to worry about her walking home late at night because she's pretty feisty and can handle herself well

6) She looks like she actually LIKES food. So at the end of a night she may eat a kebab, or have a 10oz steak, or eat the whole box of Frostie's (dry) whilst watching a Lord of the Rings marathon with you...

7) She has survival skills. So if you were ever stranded somewhere - she could be the bringer of skewered birds and rodents

8) Your friends and mum would like her... She is down to earth, modest and funny. So pretty much a winner on all accounts

9) She's famous. And probably has a good amount of money in the bank now... So you know. She'd be able to take you out to nice places, and go to cool parties where other famous people hang out, and you wouldn't be ushered out quicker than Jimmy Saville in a children's ward, because you'd actually have a valid reason for being there.

10) You'd probably be the envy of all your mates, and other people's mates etc. And you'd get to do all that amazing stuff that you get to do with your girlfriend - and not get arrested for it... because she'd actually want you to do it. Again. And again.

- One negative is that I dislike her hair that weird shade of dirty blonde. She looks too generic. So all of the above only counts when she is a brunette. Fickle I know - but you're allowed to be about famous people - right?

Just to satisfy my own evidently sad perversion, see some pictures of Jennifer Lawrence as she blossoms in to a young lady from a child actress.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012